Will is passionate about a sustainable future, it sits right at heart of our team and all his businesses. He and the team are committed on delivering the Zeroo mission, guiding our producers through making sustainable changes contributing towards a real on the ground difference to combat the climate crisis.   

Will founded Zeroo Markets in October 2020, and is currently working on marketing our existing operation and expanding our mission across the capital. 

Catchphrase - ‘what could possibly go wrong?’



Operations Manager

Affectionately known as ‘Fabulous Fabiana’, Fabi is the operational and organisational brains here at Zeroo. She’s in charge of running our existing operation, delivering on new opportunities and general Will management. 

Keen to join one of our projects, looking to work for us or just have a general enquiry? Please contact Fabi through the contact us page or alternatively via her email address provided below.


Catchphrase - ‘Will what are you thinking about now?’