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Producer Spotlight Series - S1, E2 - The French Comté

Welcome to our new ‘Producer Spotlight’ series where every other week we introduce you to one of our producers, giving you an inside track on their story and ambitions. This week we are featuring The French Comté, one of Borough Markets most celebrated producers.

Their stock derives from the Franche-Comté region of France on the Swiss border. A region with a passion for food, wine and artisan traditions passed down through centuries of generations. Florent and Roberto founded the business in 2012, and this episode is all about their story.

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Dubbed ‘a voyage of gastronomic discovery’ the Franche-Comté region boasts a rich history of food, wine and tradition. Recipes derived from the region are often warm, hearty dishes designed centuries ago to keep shepherds warm in the mountains of Jura. Bold cheeses like Mature Comté (left), and Saucisson Campagnard (below), often form the foundation of traditional recipes from the Franche-Comté region. Both of which can be purchased at Wapping Docklands Market may I add!

Florent and Roberto's team pride themselves on providing the best Comté in London, along with an exciting range of authentic artisan cheeses. Their range includes star cheeses like Mont d’Or (top and bottom photo)/Vacherin, Morbier and Raclette, as well as unknown treasures like Bleu de Gex, Saint Vernier or Val de Loue.

They also supply some of the best charcuterie you can get your hands on in the capital. A wide range of slow-smoked meats and cured hams are on offer every week in the market, all lovingly handmade in the mountains of Jura with locally reared meats. I would recommend Saucisson Campagnard!

I’m told there are exclusivity deals signed with a number of their suppliers, so there’s only a very select few venues you can get your hands on the stuff. Better head down to Wapping Docklands Market!

Closing questions:

What does the future look like for The French Comte?

We currently have 15 - 20 shops in London and our aim is to expand UK wide. We have a new shop in Brixton launching soon, and others in Shepherds Bush and Tunbridge Wells launching over the summer. Our warehouse in Bermondsey is also occasionally open as a shop.

We are looking forward to a normal Christmas where we expand to over 100 outlets positioned in Christmas Markets throughout the country.

Where can you find The French Comte?

Locations - Borough Market, Wapping Docklands Market, Bermondsey, Brixton, Shepherds Bush, Tunbridge Wells, Edinburgh. Everywhere!

Website -

Instagram - thefrenchcomte

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I thought I would leave you with this mouth-watering photo... see you tomorrow lovely subscribers!

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